Friday, June 10, 2011

My Meal - A Very Short Story


My Meal

"Love is the life of relationships!!"

Once a man was expecting his best friend for dinner so he requested his wife to cook a very special meal for him. However as fate would have, his friend got killed in an accident before he could make it to his home. The man was devastated at the sudden loss of his friend and he and his wife braved the ordeal of attending the funeral of the very person they were supposed to be hosting for dinner that night.

With heavy hearts the couple retreated for the night. But barely had they slept for a few minutes when the man woke up sweating profusely, only to find his wife murmuring in sleep. He woke her up and asked her what happened.

"I saw your friend in my dream," she replied, "He was asking me as to where was his meal."

"I just woke up to the same dream as well," the man replied as he consoled his weeping wife. After comforting each other for a few minutes the two went back to their sleep but woke up once again.

"What did you see this time?" the man asked his panting wife as he himself tried to catch his breath.

"He came in my dream again and was asking me the same question," she replied, "As to why I haven't cooked his meal."

"And you said that you were just waiting for him to arrive so that you could serve it fresh to him," the man added.

"How do you know?" the wife asked.

"I was having the same dream too," the man replied.

The couple sat together for a few minutes before they decided to cook a meal for his friend and leave it at the table. They were hoping it will stop their troubling dreams. So they cooked a meal and served it on the table for one person and tried to return to sleep which was much hard to come.

But once again, barely had they slept for a few minutes, they were again woken up by a dream of their friend.

"He was asking me why we are not eating with him," the man exclaimed even before his wife could ask him.

"And you said you weren't hungry as you had overeaten in the day," his wife asked.

"Yeah," the man nodded in affirmative.

"And he's insisting us to have something with him to give him company, just one bite perhaps," the wife asked.

"You are right," the man replied.

After looking at each other for a few moments the couple got out of their bed, went to the dining table, and took one bite each out of the meal they had cooked. They then returned to a sound uninterrupted sleep.

Next morning when they woke up, the plate was empty.