Friday, April 9, 2010

Of an honest ordinary man, buses, girls and relationships!!

What is the one thing even the mightiest, richest and most powerful of all men are scared off?

An ordinary honest man, who may have no power or influence but who, when not on sale, can't be bought by the richest of the rich, who when not ready to bow, can't be subdued by the mightiest of the mighty. No wonder how all the revolutions in the history of mankind have been a result of the ordinary man on street deciding enough is enough and that he's not going to take things lying down anymore, or bear the might of the self-willed ruling class.

However, a revolution is always a result of a combined effort of most ordinary men and women (in case the feminists haven't taken too kindly to my use of the proverbial "man" over here) and is always the outcome of an overflow of common, simmering discontent of public, against a common oppressing force. Whereas in most common daily life situation, ordinary men and women are generally waging their lonely battles of life, and most of them are not honest enough to resist the temptations they encounter to give up their interests for the sake of the interests of those in positions of strength.

However, once in a while an ordinary man that is honest enough, occassionally causes a stir by his adamance to not accepting the dictat of those who like to think of this world as their father's personal property and forget that in nearer or farther future, everybody will have to face THE ONE who actually retains all rights to this abode, as well as the other abode.

Such a man not only gives the high and mighty a feeling of shame at their own inadequacies, morallessness and characterlessness, but also gives them nightmares as to how and what to do so that his resistance can be subdued.

Fortunately for them, and unfortunately for the honest ordinary man, a solution is neither far, nor too tough.

Other ordinary men, who are as weak, as immoral and as dishonest, as the rich and mighty, gladly help them by working together and against the honest, lonely crusader, plotting his downfall, or planning to trap him.

An honest man is easily overcome, not by the power or might of money or force, but his own common, ordinary but dishonest, weak and corrupt brothren.

What if the same ordinary men and women, who let themselves to be used as pet dogs by the rich and mighty for the sake of a few bits and pieces thrown at them, were to stand up to the same shameless modern goons? "This world will be a much better place to live in," will be a grotesque understatement in that case.

"Are you a LION, or a DOG?" everybody gets the same option to pick from, but no one is strong enough to make the tough choice.

I choose to be a LION, what about you?

Anyway, there is a blind girl in some corner of this world, who broke all the boundaries of shame, dignity, morals and nobility, and dared to strip this honest man of his dignity and what for? Just because I loved her more than anything else, and cared to give her all I had, and dared to profess my feelings to her?

She may have as well killed me, if she hadn't it in her to be honest and dignified enough, cause the pain of being humiliated for no fault of yours makes your life much more painful than perhaps a dagger drawn through your heart to finish it all in one single stroke.

However, after all that she's done to me, I still love her and still want her to be the best part of my life, the better half of me.

Now that brings me to the second part of the heading for this post, "buses, girls and relationships."

Right from my later schooling years through to all the years in various colleges, and finally university, I have heard this particular saying, "Never run after a bus, train or a girl. One goes, the other comes!" True it was, and true it is, but there is an ugly side to it.

When you are young, say a teenager, or perhaps early youth, or early twenties, it is a good principle to guide you through the emotional turmoils of good and bad relationships. However, once you inch towards the wrong end of your youth, i.e., end of twenties, and are at the doorsteps of middle years of life, or have started that phase, this philosophy can ruin your entire life.

When you edge towards middle age other things become important for consideration, like planing your personal life, planing your kids, then planing for your kids, etc. And besides, you have to keep in mind how you also don't want to be stuck with arthritis by the time you get your first grandchild.

If someone still follows the same adage of "buses, trains and girls/guys" there is every chance that they will miss the right person and the right time and end up not only getting late, but also with the wrong person. Suppose you were to end up with a person who also believes in the same adage, where will you be left with?

This philosophy curtails your adjustment skills and hyphenates your ego. You fail to realize the importance of shared responsibilities, accepting shortcomings, setting common goals and making adjustments to your own bad behaviour. Results are destructive.

I know I am a good guy and will make any girl I marry happy, and also, I have a lot of options infront of me for a bright future and can always get a better girl, definitely far more prettier than her, and possibly a million times better person. But, I still love her and don't want to give up on her. You will ask why? Is it that she means so much to me? Or is it just my ego?

Yes, that is how much she means to me, she has always meant to me, and she will always mean to me, in case she returns to me. To give you an example, I know she dreams of making a huge name for herself, with a lot of fame. Even I wanted to have a big name for myself one day and actually I was starting on my plan of action for the same when she happened to me. I gave up my dream because I knew for a balanced and happy family life, both of us can't be running after our individual dreams. One has to make a sacrifice, and I decided that it would be better if I was the one who did it. That is how much she matters to me.

Any chance that it is my ego? No, not at all. Look, I can't be running after girls all my life. She may not be the prettiest, but she is beautiful enough to blind me, and many times more beautiful than most other girls. She may not be a good person at heart, but then who is perfect? Whenever you start a relationship, depending upon how much you value the other half, you always have to make adjustments. If you won't, the relationship won't last. I am ready to make the adjustments needed to carry this relationship cause I know, she is no more worse than any other modern girl that one may come across on the streets. Perhaps, she might be slightly better than most.

Besides she is the right age for me, just like I am for her. The girl should be a few years younger to the guy she marries for two reasons. Firstly, men are often very serious is nature and generally their angle of looking at life and way of dealing with situations makes them that way, tough and unyealding, who don't know how to have fun. A younger wife is the freshness and effervescence one needs in a relationship to keep it fragrant and avoid stagnation, while his seriousness makes sure they both don't loose track of their life and associated plans.

Secondly, even though a younger girl means bubbliness in a relationship, but even so, it is a fact that girls are always maturer than their age. And that is a result of two reasons; genetic, as well as environmental. Girls generally attain puberty 1-2 years ahead of guys making them aware of their sexuality and others aware of it too, a couple of years ahead of the boys. Environmental variables include the girls being object of attention and a subject of lust of other men (and women, for the feminists pleasure) which makes them even more aware of their form, situation and surroundings, making them mature quicker mentally, perhaps adding another 2-3 years to her mental growth.

So, a girl is generally bubblier than a man the same age by natural instincts, but if a man was to marry the girl his own age, he is actually marrying a person who is mentally 4-5 years maturer than him, which definitely makes the relationship more plane and bland on one hand, and a bit im-maturish from the girl's perspective. So effectively, the best age balance between a husband and wife should be 4-5 years difference, which fits me and her.

If one treats relationships like buses and trains, opportunities and warranty cards, that person's life is in serious danger of becoming a bus stop where a lot of people come and go, but no one stays for long, an out-dated product which still has got a warranty but no one wants to buy that product.

At one point or the other in life, one has to stop runing away from relationships and commitments and stick with one person, if one wants to have a happy future.

She is where I stop.

I trust my love,
Amanpreet Singh Rai

Friday, April 2, 2010

Are you ready to face GOD?

The question, "Do you believe in GOD?" is not just a question of one's beliefs, but represents an age old conflict of physical and spiritual realities. There are people who go to crazy lengths to prove their love, affection and devotion to HIS higher self, and then their are sceptics who call themselves atheists and claim a lack of belief in a higher authority which is over and above all exixtence. So if you are wondering what am I trying to state by putting forth this query, the answer is simple.

"I believe in GOD and believe he's watching each and every action of ours, and that, we will be held accountable for all of our deeds when we die."

"When we die?" Doesn't it sound like a long time away right now? Well, I ask you people to ask yourself two questions:

Firstly, what is the exact age when a person dies?

Secondly, how many things do we do in our day to day lives which can result in an accident that can actually cause our untimely demise? Just think of all the things you do, starting from the time you spend in your bathroom, to the time you work in kitchen and other places in home where you come in contact with electrical appliances, the time you spend travelling, and the place you work, the kind of work that is involved, leading up to the time you actually get back home and finally retire for the day.

Now add to all these things the activities that are out of your control, say for example accidents that may be caused by someone else's mistake, acts of terrorism, and above all, nature's final verdicts, like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc.

I am sure by now you all will have a long list of things to be scared of. Now add to it the uncertainity associated with all these causes. We may actually never get a chance to even repent or seek forgiveness for our deeds from GOD before we actually find ourselves standing infront of HIM.

But my purpose over here is not to make anyone paranoid, or a recluse, or even a hermit. I rather want to awaken the conscience of everyone or anyone who reads this piece.

Now that we all have a list of things that can potentially kill us anyday of our lives, lets us ask ourselves only one question, "What if I was to die and realize that there is indeed a GOD, what will I say to HIM if HE asks me why I did what I did?"

We all do things that we in our heart of hearts know, were wrong and/or hurtful. Now imagine GOD asking you the question why you did those things and why you shouldn't be punished for them?

So what can we do the least to avoid such a scenario?


Everytime you are about to do something which is going to have a direct impact on someone else's life, think carefully, "What if this happens to be the last thing I do in this life? Can I be forgiven for my actions? Will I forgive someone who does the same thing to me, or would I like that someone to be forgiven?"

As long as you are honest with yourself (which I don't think should be hard thing 'cause if you are not honest with yourself, who will you be honest with and what sort of a person are you anyway?) I don't think any one of you will go wrong, or more aptly, do wrong. Otherwise, everyone's time will come, sooner or later.

And lastly for those who don't believe in GOD, I dare them to do one thing:

Say to yourselves only once, "There is no GOD. No one can hurt me. I will never suffer for any of my actions." Say it to yourself in your head and belive it. Once you have done that, never ever ask for forgiveness for it.

As far as I am concerned, I believe in GOD and I believe my every action as a human being is accountable and I will get punsihed for anything wrong that I may do. So I don't do anything wrong, atleast not knowingly. And for all the things that I have done wrong in the past, I have already suffered my share of punishment for them, and they were really harsh.

So, believe in GOD and have faith in love.
Amanpreet Singh Rai

Why punish Jesus for our sins?

Somehow I got a feeling, perhaps with all the media circus the "Particle Accelerator Experiment" of CERN has generated, many people would have been forced to wonder if there is a GOD as we all humans have known for so long in our lives? What about our, yours truly included (and quiet well so), belief in THE ONE who has created it all? After only 20 centuries since JESUS died for us all, have we come to a point where we are powerful enough to question the very existence of the one we've always considered not only to be the most powerful, but also the only source of all power?

I know I am asking a question that is truly and vastly beyond my powers of intellect, spiritual enlightenment, and also my religious origins. But before anyone makes any assessments, let me assure you that coming from a devout sikh family, we've always believed in Christ and the path he's shown the humanity, an alternate route to being one with THE ONE. We refer to him as "Esah Masih" which means "Jesus, the Mesiah".

Anyway, before I get to what I think I know about Jesus' way let me first settle any queries that challenge the very existence of my beloved GOD, just because of a funky experiment we humans have the audacity to waste billions of tax payers money on, when no one working on it can guarantee in written if the whole thing won't suck-up the entire globe into one of the miniscule blackholes generated during the wasteful monstrocity.

Say everything goes fine with the experiment, and by the end of the decade we know the entire story about our universe, right from it's nappy days, to it's current hippie tone, so what?

We may get to know how the universe was created, but how does that answer, why the universe was created? Where the universe was created? Who created the universe? If the universe had to be created, what was the need for the non-living matter to combine into to parasitic non-living forms that only know how to consume, waste and destroy, rather than adding anything constructive to the cause of the universe?

Why does a mass of cells start to live a life as an individual, and when the same individual dies, the same mass of cells stops functioning?

Well, I don't know what answer could possibly be for all these questions, but I do believe that there is definitely someone who is more powerful than all of us and that is THE ONE we refer to as GOD.

Jesus, did a favour to the whole of humanity and showed us all a way of how to get in touch with HIM after we die, by getting rid of the sins we commit during our lives as humans on this globe. He sacrificed himself to show us all the meaning of love, truth and honesty. And if that was not enough, he gave us the biggest gift that only the son of GOD could have given us. He offered to suffer for our sins in place of us, so that we may enjoy the comforts of heaven in the presence of GOD, after we all die.

Jesus suffers the punishment for the sins of anyone who believes in him, goes to him and seeks pardon for his mistakes and misdeeds. Jesus takes all his sins on himself so that the punishment of GOD could be administered and justice be provided to the one who suffered.

Jesus is the purest of all and yet he's suffering punishment after punishment, not in heaven, but the dreaded place we all sinful mortals don't want to go. Jesus can't be with his father, our GOD, because of our sins, and his promise to get us rid of all of 'em.

So everytime you do something that you know is sinful, hurtful, or bad, remember one thing if you believe in Jesus, "The moment you will accept your mistakes and seek forgiveness from him, all your sins will be transfered on to Jesus, who will then suffer for your sins, so that you can be rid of 'em."

Don't make Jesus suffer for your wrong doings. He's already suffered a lot for us. Please, stop sining!!

Believe in GOD and trust your love, like I do.
Amanpreet Singh Rai