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Lost Princess

The lost Princess

"Pure hearts can never be put under a spell!!"

Once upon a time, in a far off land, there lived a very simple but very cute girl who had very big dreams. She always dreamed of marrying a prince charming, living in a big castle and being adored by everyone.

One day while walking through the market her eyes fell on a very simple, honest and down to earth boy, a soul so kind hearted that an aura lit his face. She felt a tug at her heart but kept quiet as she walked past him, peeping through the edge of her eyes. The boy smelt the daisies that were dangling in her hair and looked up. There it was, the love at first sight.

Many days went by and the two started to go to the market everyday to take a look at each other for once but neither accepted their own feelings nor conveyed them to each other. But then love was not the only thing on the mind of the girl. She also wanted a rich prince charming. She always visualized him as a man dressed to the toe, with a shining crown on his head and being driven around in a gold plated carriage, seeking her hand for betrothal.

Then one day a flamboyant witch came to the town and cast a charm spell on everyone. She loved what belonged to other women and her magic easily controlled the hearts of one and all making them do whatever she wished to and getting from them whatever she wanted. Her eyes too fell on the boy. But to her surprise, her spells didn’t work on him. He respected her for being a woman alright but her charm or her spell couldn’t get her what she really wanted from him, his love in complete. His heart was pure and hence unaffected by her magic and charm. The witch seethed with rage and burned in frustration.

Then one day the witch noticed the sparks in the eyes of the two lovers and it didn’t take her more than a second to realize what the real story was. She realized the only way to get his love and affection was to create a divide between him and his love, and then shower him with her own love. So she decided to strike the weak side. It was easy to cast a spell and control the girl as her heart was full of desires and wants. And cast a spell is what the witch did.

The witch asked the girl what she has always dreamed to have and promised to give her all at once. The girl told the witch her three wishes. She wanted beauty, prince and adoration. The witch seized the opportunity and immediately agreed to provide her all of the three, but the only problem was, the girl was supposed to leave her own land and was supposed to travel to another land to get all the three. And also, she could only go alone.

The girl was caught in a web of desire. On one hand was a simple man she loved and on the other was everything she had ever dreamed off. The girl made the hard choice and decided to leave her love behind, after all she was going to get a prince charming anyway. The witch was ecstatic.

The witch immediately weaved her magic wand and transformed the girl into a beautiful looking lady and then transported her across the sea to another land. The moment the girl reached the other side everybody who saw her was bowled over by her beauty and she was immediately accepted into their society. The news of her beauty and charm spread like wild fire and soon everybody in the town started pouring in to visit the girl and be charmed by her beauty. Amongst the people was one very handsome prince. On seeing the beauty of the girl he immediately knelt down and asked her hand in marriage. Everything happened so quickly that she completely forgot about the boy she loved and agreed to the match. The town was engulfed by joyous celebrations as people decked it up and readied it for the royal wedding. The girl was happy.

The poor boy on the other hand, who had no other wants except the love of his life, the one who couldn’t be won over by any charm of the witch, when he found the girl missing was engulfed in despair. He searched her everywhere, asked about her to everyone but she was nowhere to be found. He searched for her for days but couldn’t find her. Meanwhile the witch tried every trick up her sleeve to win over his affections and get him in her arms. But he was the least interested. All he wanted was the girl he loved.

One day he was sitting by the sea and crying when a seagull came flying from across the sea and landed right next to him. The seagull was carrying the old ring the girl used to wear in her mouth. The girl had just discarded the ring into the sea to make space for the engagement ring given to her by the new prince in her life. The boy immediately recognized the ring and took it in his hands. He looked at the ring and started to cry inconsolably. The seagull flapped its’ wings and pecked the boy with its’ beak. The boy stopped crying and asked the seagull if it knew where the girl was. The seagull picked up the ring from his hand as if signaling it knew where it brought the ring from.

The boy immediately tore of his shirt, cut his finger and wrote a letter for the girl on it. He tied the cloth to the seagull’s foot and let it off in the air so that it could fly across the sea and get his message across to the girl that he is coming to rescue her.

Meanwhile the girl was busy shopping for her wedding as the prince had opened the door of his riches to her and she was free to buy what she wanted and how much she wanted. Only problem was, nobody knew what she spoke and she didn’t knew what anybody else spoke. But the thought of marrying a prince and being the cynosure of all eyes made her overlook the fact while her beauty was enough to keep the prince interested and the people charmed.

However, the boy was unaware of all this. So he sent the seagull hoping it would relay his letter to the girl that no matter how but he will come and save her. In his heart the boy was furious at the witch as he knew it was only she who could have committed such a heartless sin. But he was too kind to punish her or confront her.

The witch however was cruel and powerful. The moment she realized that the boy has sent a seagull towards the girl, she set her hawks after the seagull.

The boy meanwhile went to the sailors and asked for assistance. The witch used magic to poison their minds and they asked him for money. The boy was poor but he had a house and a few animals. He immediately sold off his animals to get the money and with the money he went to the sailors again. But because the minds of the sailors were poisoned and controlled by the witch they refused to help him by saying the money is not enough and that it was a long journey and they cannot risk it for him.

The boy didn’t loose hope and instead bought bricks and mortar to build a bridge on his own. The evil witch used her magic to cause a huge wave in the sea that destroyed the bridge he was building fast. Having lost most of his money and all the material he had bought for building the bridge. The boy sold his house to buy wood and started building a boat.

The witch poisoned the minds of the port officials who destroyed his boat and confiscated his wood saying he didn’t have the permission to build a boat.

Left with no other way to save his love the boy jumped into the sea and started swimming towards the far off land. When nothing seemed to deter the boy from trying to get back to his love and he refused to fall for the evil witch, the witch became furious and decided to kill the boy at the sea.

Meanwhile the witch’s hawks caught up with the seagull and attacked it just as it was about to reach the land on the other side. The seagull fought valiantly but was killed. The seagull’s body fell into the sea and the piece of cloth tied to its’ legs got untied and floated away towards the shore.

At the other side, the things had changed for the girl. The people had got over the charm of her beauty as they had become used to seeing her around every day. The prince was also getting disenchanted as he couldn’t have a meaningful conversation with her. Then came another girl from a nearby town of the same land, lesser in beauty but very charming in manners and the one who spoke the same language as the prince and his people. The prince lost interest in the first girl and called off the engagement. The prince started wooing the new girl and the town was abuzz once again in anticipation of the royal wedding. Everybody forgot about the first girl.

The girl saddened by the turn of events went to the sea and sat there for hours in sun. The sun burnt her skin and her skin started to peel. Everybody who saw her turned their faces away in disgust as to how horrible she looked.

The girl’s heart broke and she ran to the sea crying. She wadded deep into the water and was about to drown herself when a please of cloth covered her face. She immediately removed it.

It was the piece of cloth from the boy’s shirt. She immediately recognized it and kissed it. All that she had forgotten came back to her mind. She realized for the first time, how much she loves him and how she cannot live without him. The sea water might have washed each and every word the boy had written in his blood for her but the feel of the cloth was enough to give her the touch of his love. She was overwhelmed by emotions and slowly waded her way back to the shore, sitting there, crying with the piece of his shirt in her hand.

The boy on the other hand valiantly swam the vast sea. He was losing his strength to cross the water and was on the brink of collapsing because of fatigue and die when the witch using her magic created a big storm to drown him. That was the last straw that was needed to break his strength. The boy fell unconscious and started to drown. The witch laughed heartily at her victory. If she cannot have him, she won’t let anyone else have him too.

Just as everything felt to have been lost, a dolphin leaped out of the water and back into it. The dolphin swam underneath the drowning and unconscious boy and lifted him on its’ back and brought him above the surface. She started to swim furiously towards the shore where the girl was. This enraged the witch who immediately dispatched her dragon to kill the dolphin and the boy.

The dragon flew thick and fast to reach the dolphin and the boy in no time.

The dolphin sensing danger immediately dived deep into the sea and the dragon followed suit. The moment dragon reached close to the dolphin and the boy on its’ back and opened its’ mouth to engulf the two, a blue whale appeared from behind and finished her dinner without a burp. The dolphin wagged its’ tail furiously in happiness and made way to the surface again. The dolphin sped towards the other shore.

The witch on seeing the plight of her dragon and unable to control innocent creatures with her magic, immediately rushed to the other side of the shore and cast a spell on the prince and his people. The prince left the new girl and rushed towards the shore to hug the first girl again. And all his subjects followed suit, praising the beauty of the sun burnt girl. Under the witch’s spell, they had no other choice.

But the girl refused the prince this time. She had realized what was important and whom did she love.

The prince insisted but she wouldn’t budge now. The witch sensing that she is loosing the war tried to cast a spell on the girl but failed. The girl’s heart had become pure and was unaffected and untouchable by magic now. The prince was heartbroken and so were his people. The witch tried to cast a spell on them to make them kill the girl but at this point the new girl walked in crying and immediately everybody remembered how much they love and adore the new girl. The spell cast on them by the witch was gone and the witch could cast no spell on them anymore.

The witch was furious and turned her attention towards the girl. To her surprise something had caught the sight of the girl, or perhaps the girl’s heart had sensed something as she rushed towards the sea madly shouting the boy’s name and yelling on top of her voice how she loves him. But the witch couldn’t see anything for miles in water, even after she lifted herself up in the air to have a better view.

Perhaps the girl has gone mad and is going to kill herself, thought the witch and smiled how her job had been done without her having to lift a wand.

Meanwhile the girl lost the grip of her foot on the seabed and tumbled into water. A dolphin appeared from under the sea and lifter her on her back much to the chagrin of the witch. The girl caught her breath and looked at the dolphin surprised as the dolphin carried her ashore. The girl got off the dolphin’s back and the dolphin rushed away leaping joyfully as another dolphin appeared at the horizon, the one carrying the boy. The girl’s eyes filled with tear as she covered her mouth with her hand, surprised and happy. The other dolphin brought the semi conscious boy wearing his torn shirt ashore.

The girl immediately rushed to the boys rescue as she turned him over and pressed his stomach to push the sea water out. The boy coughed and woke up, opening his eyes. The sight that beheld him surprised and delighted him the same. The two dolphins leapt in joy.

The immediately got up and so did the girl. The girl looked at him, touched his face with her hand and started to cry. The boy took the girl’s sun burnt face in his hands, kissed her cheeks one by one, sucking her tears off her cheeks. He professed to her how much he loved her and how he would die without her. She professed her love to him. And the two hugged.

The witch meanwhile could take none of this any longer and appeared to confront them. She first yelled at them hoarse, nearly scaring them as the two tried to protect each other from her wrath by jumping in front of each other.

The witch raised her wand and started reciting some spell. The moment the spell finished and the witch pointed the wand towards the beautiful couple, a snake appeared from under the sand and bit the witch on her foot. The witch’s spell was misfired into the sky while the witch fell on the ground struggling with pain and dying. Her wand fell away from her. The boy rushed to the wand and picked it up. The moment the boy picked up the wand the witch’s powers were transferred into him.

The boy however was a kind hearted soul. He took pity on the witch and used a spell to save her life and then sent her to a far off land.

The boy then waded the wand to create a flying carriage. He bent on his knee and extended his hand to ask the girl for her hand. The girl extended her hand and the boy took it in his hand and led her onto the carriage. Together they flew across the sky, enjoying the stars and moon as the night started to fall and returned to their home.

*****Fresh Start*****

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Meal - A Very Short Story


My Meal

"Love is the life of relationships!!"

Once a man was expecting his best friend for dinner so he requested his wife to cook a very special meal for him. However as fate would have, his friend got killed in an accident before he could make it to his home. The man was devastated at the sudden loss of his friend and he and his wife braved the ordeal of attending the funeral of the very person they were supposed to be hosting for dinner that night.

With heavy hearts the couple retreated for the night. But barely had they slept for a few minutes when the man woke up sweating profusely, only to find his wife murmuring in sleep. He woke her up and asked her what happened.

"I saw your friend in my dream," she replied, "He was asking me as to where was his meal."

"I just woke up to the same dream as well," the man replied as he consoled his weeping wife. After comforting each other for a few minutes the two went back to their sleep but woke up once again.

"What did you see this time?" the man asked his panting wife as he himself tried to catch his breath.

"He came in my dream again and was asking me the same question," she replied, "As to why I haven't cooked his meal."

"And you said that you were just waiting for him to arrive so that you could serve it fresh to him," the man added.

"How do you know?" the wife asked.

"I was having the same dream too," the man replied.

The couple sat together for a few minutes before they decided to cook a meal for his friend and leave it at the table. They were hoping it will stop their troubling dreams. So they cooked a meal and served it on the table for one person and tried to return to sleep which was much hard to come.

But once again, barely had they slept for a few minutes, they were again woken up by a dream of their friend.

"He was asking me why we are not eating with him," the man exclaimed even before his wife could ask him.

"And you said you weren't hungry as you had overeaten in the day," his wife asked.

"Yeah," the man nodded in affirmative.

"And he's insisting us to have something with him to give him company, just one bite perhaps," the wife asked.

"You are right," the man replied.

After looking at each other for a few moments the couple got out of their bed, went to the dining table, and took one bite each out of the meal they had cooked. They then returned to a sound uninterrupted sleep.

Next morning when they woke up, the plate was empty.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Desperate times testing my will power!!

Hi friends,

Sorry for writing this long boring peice but, I need your HELP desperately, so I am posting here.

Before I explain why I am posting here and then post below what I need your help for, let me ask you a few questions. And those who wonder what this is about, please visit the help page of my website and you will know who I am fighting against.

1) How many of you haven't heard of stories where manipulating girls play with men to their end and cheat everybody for money and fame?

2) How many of you haven't heard of stories of racial discrimination and persecution, not just against Indians but people of other Asian descent, including Filipinos, and African descent?

3) How many of you haven't heard of stories where those with money and influence have tried to shut up the ones' who have dared to stand up and fight?

4) How many of you don't know how money and power are used to influence police, judges, press etc?

5) How many of you know of people who in spite of all the hardships still stand up and fight to get justice?

Friends, I am fighting because I only have two options;

a) Give up my fight and live the rest of my life hurting deep withing my heart, losing all the self respect I have for myself. And offcourse, loose the very girl for whom I have done everything that any guy in love could have done.

b) Stand up and fight for my love as well as justice so that no one else like me has to suffer and undergo what I had to. That is, make an example of these people.

We all complain about how everything is wrong with the society, how no one loves anyone truly, how people cheat on each other, how there is racism and discrimiation in our societies.

Now when I have stood up to fight against everything that is wrong, why are you not supporting me but instead supporting (some of you have even tried to protect) the one who is wrong?

Please don't be confused that I am fighting a personal battle. This battle is for everyone who has suffered discrimination in any part of the world, who has been wronged, denied justice, humiliated and victimized and pressurized.

This time it was me.

Next time it could be someone you love, know or who knows, could be one of you. I never thought I would fall in love with her or she would betray my trust or try to use me the way she did. In fact, I was working hard, saving money to go to India and get married to some girl of my parents choice. But the only thing predictable about life is, "It is unpredictable."

So don't be mistaken, this is not my fight. This fight is for everyone. Ask the Filipinos living abroad who have been discriminated because of their race and they will tell you how much it hurts and to what extent the discrimination can go to.

If you people will help me win this war, my story will give strength to everyone around the world who is fighting against discrimination, fighting for equality, fighting for their rights. My story will be quoted in court cases and people will get justice.

But if you won't help me but rather support and protect the one who only knows how to cheat, my story will become an example why no one should ever fight for justice. If some injustice has been done, one should just bear it and live the rest of their lives ashamed of themselves.

The choice is with you.

As I've written in my message below: "This story is for every ordinary person who has faced persecution or discrimination in any form. I want people to feel motivated to fight for justice and not give up their right to dignity and equality. I want people to believe there is true love and there are people who won't sell or get scared and do the wrong thing. I want to give strenght to anyone who happens to read about my struggle and save people from falling prey to drugs, alcohol or suicide to destroy their lives."

Besides, I promise you guys, if you guys will help me, I will get Millions of Dollars into the Filipino economy unlike her who only comes to Filipines because her music sells here and she takes the money out of Filipino economy back to US.

I promise to provide the Filipino industry a product that they can market globally and the Filipino company that produces it will collect Millions of Dollars globally and bring it into the Filipino market.

The reason I am posting this here is, for some reason I am not getting through to people in Philippines. I am trying to make calls using my mobile and calling cards, but the calls are not connecting and if they are, I am not being forwarded to the right people that I need. And I am not talking about the executives of companies but rather their assistants etc. That is why I need your help.

I leave the choice to you.

I believe in True love and GOD, and I believe she is the one GOD has made for me. I am working hard in every possible way to make myself worthy of a girl who doesn't even deserve an honest man like me (Sorry guys but I cannot lie).

If you think I am doing the right thing by standing up and fighting both for my love as well as justice then please help me by forwarding the following message below the Star-line to the right people in the television industry of the Philippines. Trust me friends, what I will create will bring Multi-million Dollars into Philippines.

Please support a person who is just like any one of you. It is not my fight. It is fight for all of us.

Take Care,

Amanpreet Singh Rai


This message is in regards to a new TV serial intended for global audience as explained below. It is aimed for Filipino, Indian and western markets.

I am a writer of Indian origin who is currently a citizen of Australia. I have already written two novels both of which are available on my website:

The TV serial is an action drama that is intended to be produced for, in addition to the local Filipino market, global markets, especially India, and countries like Canada, England, US, where there is a sizeable Indian and Filipino population.

The serial is intended to run for two years as 45 minute weekly episodes (Making it a total of 104 episodes) and will finish with a scope for a sequel. In fact the serial will open with its' very last scene.

The serial will follow the lives of four main characters, all fighting personal but common battles. Their stories will have seperate beginings, coming together during the course of the serial. Although this process is not going to be gradual but abrupt in initial presentation with their individual stories being developed subsequently during the run of the serial as the relevant points in story will come (The intention here is to make it more on Hollywood style. Details I can only explain in a proper sitting).

Two heroes and one heroine will be the active fighting guns in the serial while the second heroine plays an intellectual part. The main supporting actor is going to be an action oriented character as well. In addition there will be many other supporting actors, including college students and a police oficer. The serial backdrop is drugs, corruption and sex trade.

The serial is supposed to be a story of revenge as well as vigilante themes but is not all about action. In fact, the action sequences will only be there to link the diferent parts of a story which will be high on emotional content. However the action scenes will be high class martial arts fights.

I would like to act the role of the second hero, being well aware that I am a person of India origin. But let me assure you, the character I play is not going to speak even a single word in the whole serial, so there is going to be no language problem. However his story is unique in many ways than one.

Besides my being a lead character in the serial and being the main writer behind the plot will make it marketable amongst the Indian market globally.

And I would like to be given an active role in directing my fight scenes (under the watchful eyes of your professional fight director) as I know exactly what I want to do.

The serial will need to have really high production values as it is intended for global marketing. The look of the serial will be dull greyish shades like most hollywood dramas. For e.g. Heroes, NCIS etc.

If you find merit in my idea I would love to discuss it in detail with you. I am providing my contact number at the end of this piece.

Also to add a bit of detail of another TV serial/movie that we can subsequently work on after the one mentioned above is a "Supernatural" thriller. This one is inpired by "Greek", "Indian" and "Christian" mythologies. It follows the lead character who happens to be a young "Nun" and will entail "Supernatural" occurances, mythology etc. It is in the same league as "The Lord Of the Rings" triology and "Harry Potter" series. Once again meant for international audiences. It's story is neither based, nor inspired, nor similar to any Religious, spiritual or scientific texts but is a brand new creation which links all of these.

Before I close this email a bit more information about me. I am 178 cms (5' 10"), skinny but very muscular. My theatre background is detailed on the homepage of my website above. My latest videos (Shot last week) are on the politics page of my website.

If you happen to visit the help section of my website you will know details of my personal story as well and I assure you, in case we go ahead with the project your network can have exclusive rights to my true story of love and fight for justice as well. This story is for every ordinary person who has faced persecution or discrimination in any form. I want people to feel motivated to fight for justice and not give up their right to dignity and equality. I want people to believe there is true love and there are people who won't sell or get scared and do the wrong thing. I want to give strenght to anyone who happens to read about my struggle and save people from falling prey to drugs, alcohol or suicide to destroy their lives.


Amanpreet Singh Rai (You could call me Aman)

1/269 Henley Beach Road,

Brooklyn Park, SA

Australia 5032

Phone: +61 43 023 5589