Friday, April 4, 2014

Show me the woman that you are; will you?


Show me the woman that you are; will you?

“Men make women grow older.”

So here’s what is going on in my head for the lyrics of this to be house track:

1.    First verse: A girl grows up quicker than a boy, not just sexually, but also mentally. This happens because the moment she grows sexually, every man on the street develops an eye for her. A girl learns to live her life the hard way, and is always more mature than a boy her age. But what when a boy develops a liking for a girl who is a warrior inside, fighting every man in the world to survive, like a man? Hasn’t every woman felt strength within self at some stage, a power that closes the doors of her heart for every man until she opens them for him, simply because she doesn’t need a man? I love a girl, but I don’t know what’s going on in her head, for she’s too headstrong. She compares me with every other bad man she’s ever met in her life. How do I get my feelings across to her? How do I tell her to drop her walls and let me inside? How do I tell her, that I respect her as a person, that I respect her feelings?
2.    Second verse: A man is often crass and harsh in his ways because he lives in a man’s world. He deals with other men every day, and more often than not, he either has to shoulder his way through the day, or take a bitter pill when another man more powerful than him gets his way. A man appears very strong and self willed because that’s the way his life has trained him to survive. It’s a part of his evolution. But does that mean that a man is impervious to love? Does that mean that a man does not have a soft spot in his heart? How do I tell the girl I love, how much I need her touch, her softness in my harsh life? How do I show her the bruises that I carry? How do I tell her that even I need love?
3.    Bridge: Is it really possible for a man and a woman to live without each other and feel complete? How do I tell her that I am not her competitor, but I only want to be her companion? How do I make her realize that she needs me as much as I need her? How do I make her see how we compliment and complete each other? How do I touch her heart?
4.    Chorus: It will be the crux of the situation; the bottom-line of it all!
Well, what do you think about it? It is just a rough structure that I am working on. If you don’t like it, let me know and I will scrap it and write something else, maybe some school boyish pop. But, anyone thinks it’s inspired from my personal life?

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Efforts versus intentions


Efforts versus intentions

“Efforts bear fruit when love nurtures the roots.”

ð Why are fans important for an artist?
Who is not aware of the destructive influence haters can have on lives? In fact, haters often end up driving a life to its end. It is really easy for the cowards to be anything behind a computer screen, except a human. Most of the artists and other public figures endure countless barbs from these unknown enemies. In such a scenario it’s a legion of fans that comes to the rescue of the beleaguered soul.

I have been very open with everything that I have done, and even my address and phone number is openly available. It must have been really easy for my haters to target my interests, like for example who tweeted to me, or re-tweeted my words, or followed me. These haters might have claimed to be anyone, but if I am still sitting here writing this piece today, it is not because someone helped me. But it is because haters are always fake, weak and wrong.

There is another reason, a financial reason, as to why fans are important. In fact, my haters have intentionally and repeatedly tried to harm my financial interests, so that I cannot pursue my business interests. They have repeatedly tried to stop a fan base developing for me. How they did that from behind their computer screens that I don’t know “just yet”. The day I’ll find out, this world is round and the faster they will run, the quicker they will bump into me.

ð What choices did I have on 4th March, 2010, when I stood outside the Superior Court of Los Angeles?
There were only two choices; either to fight for everything I had ever held dear in my life, or to quit that very instant. If you are reading this today, if there is a huge body of work behind me today, it’s all because I chose the former.

ð Who has helped me?
No one!

No Government, private organization or media outlet has ever helped me.

ð How come you know me?
If you know me then it is purely because of the efforts I’ve put in, to make myself known.
a) I’ve used my twitter and youtube accounts to make myself visible internationally.
b) I’ve advertised my novels in paper in Philippines (even if only once).
c) I’ve advertised my songs and video on and twitter, spending nearly a 1000 bucks.
d) I’ve actively participated in community discussions on twitter by commenting on relevant posts by other people. You will perhaps remember how I had some really lengthy discussions with even some radical organizations.
e) And in between, I’ve knocked on doors for various things across Adelaide, stood in the middle of the market bearing placards, distributed free CDs in the CBD, in university, distributed CDs to people I came across as part of my work.
f) I’ve even organized a flop DJing gig that nobody came to, but a friend assisted in distribution of its pamphlets to scores of people.
How can anyone say I haven’t done enough to be noticed?
If your friend told you about me, then how did they come to know about me?
At the start of every communication chain, you will find someone got to know me because of my efforts.
And this is called marketing.

ð Does this mean my work is not good enough?
You tell me; how are my songs “If I were to die”, “City of Cowards”, “Never let you go”, “Please don’t ever leave my side”, “Make me feel your love”, “I’ll never do”, or the latest “I really like you”, in addition to some other good tracks like “All for my angel” etc, not good enough to be hits?
You tell me how either of my series; God of a man, and Mishiida-Alexander not good enough for popular craze?

ð Why has it not worked so far then?
Who says it hasn’t worked?
a)    I used to come across websites and discussion boards that would hotlink my novels and music videos. People were discussing Mishiida-Alexander, God of a man. People know my work. Thousands of people have streamed my songs online just in the US, and these are official figures I can check via tunecore, the third party distributor of my songs. If people talk about my work, listen or read it, then my efforts have done their job. They have marketed my work globally.
b)   If radical organizations know me, then ordinary people too. And if you know me then my efforts have done the job they intended to. They have made me known.
c)    There are people who have liked my tweets, favourited them from time to time, re-tweeted them, and even replied to them. And none of them follows me. Then there are people who have followed me. Even if someone was to say they followed me by mistake, they were still visiting my page to make a mistake. If unknown people know me, then follow me, that’s because they have liked my work, and my efforts to market myself have paid off.

ð If it has worked then what is the problem?
The problem is; I distribute all my work for free except my latest song. And nobody is buying my songs. I have received literally no money except peanuts for online plays, or a couple of song purchases in addition to my own four song purchase.

And the problem is; I am not getting any movie deals for any of my already complete projects, or new projects (writing or otherwise), and I am not even getting established artists to collaborate with me because I am not famous.

Both these issues mean I am earning nothing from my efforts.

ð Why is this happening?
This is happening because people like my work; they discuss it, but then don’t give me the credit, nor reference me publically. This is denying me the public recognition which any artist needs to develop a fan following and mass awareness; the two things that drive an artist/writer’s finances.

Nobody is saying Aman we love you because we love your novels or music. No one is saying Aman’s songs are good, his novels are good, openly on social media. This is hampering the formation of a fan base. And as I pointed out just above; every writer and artist needs a fan base to market their products or promote their career. This marketing provides for the artist’s living while they concentrate just on their work and create more stuff to please public.

My weakness is only you the ordinary people, the one that I hold dear to my heart because I was born, raised and am living like one of you.

Now you tell me; Am I really that ordinary not to deserve your admiration?

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”


Friday, February 28, 2014

Stalking versus Wooing

Stalking versus Wooing

“Love is indeed only a war, for it is all about winning a heart.”

Love follows no rules. It can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone, with anyone. And contrary to popular beliefs, it still follows the same principles; be it west or it east.
a)    Love has to be professed.
b)   Affection has to be earned.
c)    Commitment has to be proved.

Wooing is an integral part of this battle of hearts, doesn’t matter where in world you live. The only difference between a place like India or US would be; the girls are more approachable and direct about what they want in a society like US than an orthodox world like India.

What is wooing and why is it necessary?

When you fall in love with someone, the first demand of the situation is to make your interests in the person known to them. In a forward society like US where men are more confident about the way a woman would react, it is easier. In India it is a lot trickier, for not only is it hard to predict how a girl would react to a boy’s advances, but also how the people or society around would react. Say for example; if a boy was to approach a girl in a market place and she was to take offence to the mere thought that a boy has dared to fall in love with her, and were to turn around and slap him for the rudeness, or start yelling at him, rest assured, everybody in the market that day would dust their hands off on the boy, before handing him to the cops to remove the rust from their batons. In any case, in both the US and Indian examples, the first step indeed is to show your interest in the girl in some way or the other. The only difference would be the amount of time you’ll have to invest in such a display before you approach the girl with your heart in your hand. You cannot cold call upon a girl anywhere in the world. Love is not door-to-door knocking.

The job is not done just yet. Once you have let the girl know about your interests, and unless you both are looking for a one night stand, the answer wouldn’t be a yes straight away anywhere in the world, unless you were a world famous celebrity approaching an ordinary girl who is already smitten by you. The real labour of love starts from this point. You have to show to the girl that you are better than other boys seeking her, and have qualities worth falling for. It is all a part of the wooing. Doesn’t matter where in world you live, if you are serious about a girl, you have to man up and win her affections. Girls don’t fall for losers.

How long does it take to win a girl’s heart, or how long should you try to win it? Can anyone really answer these questions? A girl’s heart works on a probability that is un-calculable on account of all the unknown factors involved. In fact, this is true for any person’s heart. You never know who will fall in love with whom and when.

So should you continue to woo a person once they have refused you? Depends on how you rate your chances, and how you continue to woo a person once they have turned you down. If you have time to waste on one person, the whole life is yours to blow away. If you know how not to cross the limits of decency and wooing, you should try your luck as much as you want to. But remember to respect the difference between stalking and wooing all the time.

So what is stalking, and how is it different from wooing?

It is easy to say that any wooing that continues after a person has been turned down, constitutes stalking. My dear friends, the truth however is; any wooing that crosses the lines of decency and legitimacy, is stalking.

Wooing is about letting the person know you are interested in them, letting them notice what is good about you on their own, and only if needed, proving your willingness to commit. But all this should happen without involving their participation, voluntary or involuntary, except for the decision which rests with them. The moment your actions start involving their participation, like making them notice your presence everywhere, as in shadowing them physically, or hacking their online accounts, or their post mail etc, it is stalking. It is stalking if you start getting in contact with their person, property or loved ones before they have accepted your proposal (except in case of fraudulent/deceitful actions on their part, where you end up at their doorsteps to make a formal proposal, for that’s how a gentleman should approach his love interest, for the only way to know an answer is to ask the question), or when they have turned you down already.

In wooing you make them aware you are interested in them, but leave it to them to make up their mind. In stalking, you try to force them to like you. The difference is in asking whether they like you back, than in telling them to like you back. The difference is in displaying what is good about you, than forcing them to love you even if you are not good enough for anyone. The difference is in letting the person know that you are still interested in them even after being turned down, than letting the person know they have no other option but you. It is important to meet the person, profess your feelings and ask their response at least once. But it is not just stalking but is rather criminal, if contrary to their explicitly conveyed wishes or decision, you approach them, their loved ones, or property, even once without their formal invitation. Once you have been turned down, wooing should never cross the boundaries of no contact, for that’s when it becomes criminal (and not just stalking).

What however is a fraud?

It is easy for a person who is the centre of attention, to get carried away in the fun and not realize the moral responsibility they have towards other human beings. It is impossible not be loved by someone, unless of course you are such a bad person worthy only of hatred. But one cannot marry every person in this world, even if they wanted to. So you have to refuse a person you are not interested in.

Fraud happens when the person who is the centre of someone’s affections, misuses the emotional weakness of the person in love, to gain some advantage, whether financial, career wise, or purely platonic, like say for the heck of it as the situation is enjoyable. Fraud is when a person is made to believe there is hope, and gets played with like a game, when he should have been clearly told to not contact again straight away. A genuine person who is genuinely in love will continue to vie for the affections as long as they can, even after they have been refused, for it is hope that world lives on, and also the principle of wooing the one you love. Destroying someone’s life by playing on their hope is a fraud, which is un-pardonable.

Wooing within the limits of morality is the game and essence of love, and not stalking.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”