Monday, April 25, 2011

Desperate times testing my will power!!

Hi friends,

Sorry for writing this long boring peice but, I need your HELP desperately, so I am posting here.

Before I explain why I am posting here and then post below what I need your help for, let me ask you a few questions. And those who wonder what this is about, please visit the help page of my website and you will know who I am fighting against.

1) How many of you haven't heard of stories where manipulating girls play with men to their end and cheat everybody for money and fame?

2) How many of you haven't heard of stories of racial discrimination and persecution, not just against Indians but people of other Asian descent, including Filipinos, and African descent?

3) How many of you haven't heard of stories where those with money and influence have tried to shut up the ones' who have dared to stand up and fight?

4) How many of you don't know how money and power are used to influence police, judges, press etc?

5) How many of you know of people who in spite of all the hardships still stand up and fight to get justice?

Friends, I am fighting because I only have two options;

a) Give up my fight and live the rest of my life hurting deep withing my heart, losing all the self respect I have for myself. And offcourse, loose the very girl for whom I have done everything that any guy in love could have done.

b) Stand up and fight for my love as well as justice so that no one else like me has to suffer and undergo what I had to. That is, make an example of these people.

We all complain about how everything is wrong with the society, how no one loves anyone truly, how people cheat on each other, how there is racism and discrimiation in our societies.

Now when I have stood up to fight against everything that is wrong, why are you not supporting me but instead supporting (some of you have even tried to protect) the one who is wrong?

Please don't be confused that I am fighting a personal battle. This battle is for everyone who has suffered discrimination in any part of the world, who has been wronged, denied justice, humiliated and victimized and pressurized.

This time it was me.

Next time it could be someone you love, know or who knows, could be one of you. I never thought I would fall in love with her or she would betray my trust or try to use me the way she did. In fact, I was working hard, saving money to go to India and get married to some girl of my parents choice. But the only thing predictable about life is, "It is unpredictable."

So don't be mistaken, this is not my fight. This fight is for everyone. Ask the Filipinos living abroad who have been discriminated because of their race and they will tell you how much it hurts and to what extent the discrimination can go to.

If you people will help me win this war, my story will give strength to everyone around the world who is fighting against discrimination, fighting for equality, fighting for their rights. My story will be quoted in court cases and people will get justice.

But if you won't help me but rather support and protect the one who only knows how to cheat, my story will become an example why no one should ever fight for justice. If some injustice has been done, one should just bear it and live the rest of their lives ashamed of themselves.

The choice is with you.

As I've written in my message below: "This story is for every ordinary person who has faced persecution or discrimination in any form. I want people to feel motivated to fight for justice and not give up their right to dignity and equality. I want people to believe there is true love and there are people who won't sell or get scared and do the wrong thing. I want to give strenght to anyone who happens to read about my struggle and save people from falling prey to drugs, alcohol or suicide to destroy their lives."

Besides, I promise you guys, if you guys will help me, I will get Millions of Dollars into the Filipino economy unlike her who only comes to Filipines because her music sells here and she takes the money out of Filipino economy back to US.

I promise to provide the Filipino industry a product that they can market globally and the Filipino company that produces it will collect Millions of Dollars globally and bring it into the Filipino market.

The reason I am posting this here is, for some reason I am not getting through to people in Philippines. I am trying to make calls using my mobile and calling cards, but the calls are not connecting and if they are, I am not being forwarded to the right people that I need. And I am not talking about the executives of companies but rather their assistants etc. That is why I need your help.

I leave the choice to you.

I believe in True love and GOD, and I believe she is the one GOD has made for me. I am working hard in every possible way to make myself worthy of a girl who doesn't even deserve an honest man like me (Sorry guys but I cannot lie).

If you think I am doing the right thing by standing up and fighting both for my love as well as justice then please help me by forwarding the following message below the Star-line to the right people in the television industry of the Philippines. Trust me friends, what I will create will bring Multi-million Dollars into Philippines.

Please support a person who is just like any one of you. It is not my fight. It is fight for all of us.

Take Care,

Amanpreet Singh Rai


This message is in regards to a new TV serial intended for global audience as explained below. It is aimed for Filipino, Indian and western markets.

I am a writer of Indian origin who is currently a citizen of Australia. I have already written two novels both of which are available on my website:

The TV serial is an action drama that is intended to be produced for, in addition to the local Filipino market, global markets, especially India, and countries like Canada, England, US, where there is a sizeable Indian and Filipino population.

The serial is intended to run for two years as 45 minute weekly episodes (Making it a total of 104 episodes) and will finish with a scope for a sequel. In fact the serial will open with its' very last scene.

The serial will follow the lives of four main characters, all fighting personal but common battles. Their stories will have seperate beginings, coming together during the course of the serial. Although this process is not going to be gradual but abrupt in initial presentation with their individual stories being developed subsequently during the run of the serial as the relevant points in story will come (The intention here is to make it more on Hollywood style. Details I can only explain in a proper sitting).

Two heroes and one heroine will be the active fighting guns in the serial while the second heroine plays an intellectual part. The main supporting actor is going to be an action oriented character as well. In addition there will be many other supporting actors, including college students and a police oficer. The serial backdrop is drugs, corruption and sex trade.

The serial is supposed to be a story of revenge as well as vigilante themes but is not all about action. In fact, the action sequences will only be there to link the diferent parts of a story which will be high on emotional content. However the action scenes will be high class martial arts fights.

I would like to act the role of the second hero, being well aware that I am a person of India origin. But let me assure you, the character I play is not going to speak even a single word in the whole serial, so there is going to be no language problem. However his story is unique in many ways than one.

Besides my being a lead character in the serial and being the main writer behind the plot will make it marketable amongst the Indian market globally.

And I would like to be given an active role in directing my fight scenes (under the watchful eyes of your professional fight director) as I know exactly what I want to do.

The serial will need to have really high production values as it is intended for global marketing. The look of the serial will be dull greyish shades like most hollywood dramas. For e.g. Heroes, NCIS etc.

If you find merit in my idea I would love to discuss it in detail with you. I am providing my contact number at the end of this piece.

Also to add a bit of detail of another TV serial/movie that we can subsequently work on after the one mentioned above is a "Supernatural" thriller. This one is inpired by "Greek", "Indian" and "Christian" mythologies. It follows the lead character who happens to be a young "Nun" and will entail "Supernatural" occurances, mythology etc. It is in the same league as "The Lord Of the Rings" triology and "Harry Potter" series. Once again meant for international audiences. It's story is neither based, nor inspired, nor similar to any Religious, spiritual or scientific texts but is a brand new creation which links all of these.

Before I close this email a bit more information about me. I am 178 cms (5' 10"), skinny but very muscular. My theatre background is detailed on the homepage of my website above. My latest videos (Shot last week) are on the politics page of my website.

If you happen to visit the help section of my website you will know details of my personal story as well and I assure you, in case we go ahead with the project your network can have exclusive rights to my true story of love and fight for justice as well. This story is for every ordinary person who has faced persecution or discrimination in any form. I want people to feel motivated to fight for justice and not give up their right to dignity and equality. I want people to believe there is true love and there are people who won't sell or get scared and do the wrong thing. I want to give strenght to anyone who happens to read about my struggle and save people from falling prey to drugs, alcohol or suicide to destroy their lives.


Amanpreet Singh Rai (You could call me Aman)

1/269 Henley Beach Road,

Brooklyn Park, SA

Australia 5032

Phone: +61 43 023 5589